17 October 2012

tom daley has british gas


lady binder fact check.

Everyone is having a good at laugh over Mitt Romney's "binders full of women" line from last night's debate, but given our current obsession with fact checking it's no surprise that there are also questions about whether the binder story is even true. David Bernstein of The Phoenix in Boston got a post up last night questioning Mitt's recollection of events. According to Bernstein, the mythical binder did indeed exist, but it was given to Governor Romney by outside activists and not at his request.
A group called MassGAP put together the list in 2002—before Romney was elected governor of Massachusetts—as part of an overall effort to push to get more women into senior leadership positions in state government. They say they approached Romney with the binder as he was putting together his cabinet, not the other way around. (via)

just in time for halloween, ellen's scare montage


the endeavor lugs its way through los angeles

watch this really cool time-lapse video of the space shuttle making its final journey
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