05 November 2012

nets nets nets!

(via) thx starla!

christina aguilera - your body

bitch has still got it. thx starla!

happy bearthdie tilda swinton!!

dine out williamsburg

This Thursday, November 8th, we will be holding Dine Out Williamsburg for Sandy Relief. All restaurants, bars, and businesses need to do to participate is pledge 10-20% of gross sales that night to the Red Cross’ Sandy relief efforts. All diners have to do is dine, drink, and spend money at one (or many!) participating businesses. (via)

what is the worst thing that can happen at a zoo?

how about a mom in pittsburgh drops her 2 year old child into a den of 11 african painted puppies and they eat him to death. worst. thing. ever.

chris rock has a message for white voters

barry obama, he's juuuusst white

are you some kind of idiot who doesn't know how to vote?

click here to see where to go tomorrow (in new york), unless you're going to vote for mitt romney, in that case, don't worry about it.

i know you're waiting to dump out your pocketbooks.

if you want to help, these are good organizations:

the brooklyn recovery fund (brooklyn)
tunnels to towers (staten island)
occupy sandy

a primer for robert pera

50 things you need to know to be the owner of the Grizzlies in Memphis


the triumphant brooklyn nets mascot: the brooklyn knight!


the more you know

current subway map here.

the L train is still fucked. they aren't even trying to fix the G train because they think no one actually rides it.

is west chelsea fucked?

the gallery scene in west chelsea was basically part of the hudson river last week, and nymagjerry saltz, and other people are afraid that the implications of water sogged paintings, installations, archives, and galleries might spell bad news for the whole neighborhood. how are we supposed to survive without free wine at mid-week show openings?

UPDATE: jerry saltz hasn't lost hope and neither should you!
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