11 February 2014

2/11 #neverforget

introducing, the portuguese podengo pequeno

UNDER THE SKIN, because the sci-fi thriller is so in right now

People are calling Jonathan Glazer the heir to Kubrick and you can see why. This film is about ScarJo as an alien that abducts men or something. It looks pretty!

these two old queens giggle and whisper about being gay in paris

edmund white (who i honestly thought was dead) and dennis cooper in interview magazine

jic you haven't heard yet....

...the winter from hell continues, starting tomorrow night.
Starting Wednesday night, the chance of snow is at 70 percent. The next day: "Snow in the morning ... Snow in the evening." Anywhere from six inches to lots more is expected in Manhattan, according to the cautious National Weather Service. (via)

here's american luge(r?) kate hansen warming up for her run to beyonce.

you're already automatically a badass for even luge-ing at all, but this helps a LOT. i wish i knew which song. i bet it was "blow". what do you think?

oh and btw, her twitter handle is @k8ertotz

johnny weir knows exactly what he is doing in sochi

Shirley Temple Videos

I don't want to tell you why...but I'm sure you can figure it out.
if you have some extra time today they have whole movies on the youtubes too...just click here
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