12 April 2011

emergency alert!

STOP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING. take that sprite out of your mouth.  are you sitting down? i have some alarming news. well, here it is.

there's something wrong with isabella swan. specifically, with her tail. please take a look at these photos:
 see how everything looks great? specifically, her tail is pointing straight up.

now take a look at this:
see how everything is wrong? specifically, her tail is completely limp.

the long and short of it: melissa and craig thinks she has a little condition known as FLACCID TAIL SYNDROME.

the silver lining on the cloud's horizon: improvement?
"[today, it] looks a lot better. you can see she has a little hump which I think is a sign she's gettin better. she didn't have that at all yesterday." -melissa

thanks for keeping us abreast of bella's condition. i heard you shared this news with joel days ago, and he deemed it unimportant. do you ever feel like he doesn't pay you enough attention? i know i do.

anyway, we look forward to some positive updates. ISABELLA GET WELL!

williamsburg is the new williamsburg!

and loving hipsters is the new hating hipsters! guess what joel, thomas wilhelm, and i did on sunday. we went to the brooklyn flea and ate grilled cheeses. i'm not even making that up.
me + grilled cheese + crack pie. everything was delicious, btw.

you got us good, brian williams.

in related news, this was spotted in an urban outfitters (thx rachel). my mission of injecting vol-fan-ing into hipster culture is a success! you're all welcome!

we thought this was lilly...


pj harvey commisioned photographer seamus murphy to direct a video for each song on her album. you can see all that are out here. i really like this one.

npr is showing "on battleship hill" exclusively, for the time being.

tv on the radio : nine types of light

they made a movie, or rather, a collection of music videos for each song on their new album of the same name. here's the whole thing.

real-life dexter

you've probably heard something about all those bodies they've been finding along a spooky stretch of beach out on scary long island. last year, police found 4 dead lady bodies. a couple of weeks ago, they found 4 more. and yesterday, they found parts of 2 more. they think because of the specific measures of caution taken by the killer, he might even be a cop. so i just need to know what these ladies did to piss dexter off.

the other thing i need to know is what that cute pony is doing in the mix.

jicyww, season 6 premieres september 25th.

omg oops!

this happened last night at JFK.
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