11 April 2014

if you never take the nyc subway, this won't mean anything to you, otherwise...!!!!!

another day, another picture of my mom in a magazine

spotted by rachel in the april issue of RSVP

it does.

thx carly!

two old ladies fly in an airplane for the first time, and are delightful

watch the whole thing, but especially watch from the 6 minute mark. via

 "there will be clouds of course. at least thats what ive heard, that you fly through them."

why i killed emilube.

this morning i woke up to news on instagram that nirvana played a secret show at a bar in greenpoint after their rock and roll hall of fame induction at barclays last night. guest singers included joan jett, kim gordon, and annie clark.

then i walked into work and emilube goes "guess what i did last night."

and then i killed her and now she's dead.

(before she passed away, she told me that she stood next to carrie brownstein.)

how oprah celebrates national pet day


just saw this on top of a taxi.

ann coulter throws shoe at our sweet sweet hillary

jk, i don't know who threw it.

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