13 October 2010

emma stone

i took this picture of emma stone and my friend felisha last weekend. i said "there is something wrong with it..." and emma stone said "i think your hand is in front of the flash..."

so then i took this one. it was a little better.

now that youre out of the mine.... YOURE GOING TO MEMPHIS!

this one miner named edison pena was given a free all expenses paid trip for two to memphis to come visit graceland. apparently he is a big elvis fan and passed the time in the mine leading elvis sing a longs down there. apparently he also ran an hour a day down there in the mines. this guy is awesome and i cant wait to meet him and get an exclusive interview for 2pz.

i was watching cnn, and something weird happened



I've been sitting on this one since SUNDAY

glee : duets

while kylie and lillywhitefish were busy watching the incomparable angela bassett last night in whats love got to do with it, the tina turner story, i was busy watching glee. to my great surprise and delight, santana and mercedes took on my favorite tina song, river deep mountain high. thanks glee! read the recap, and then lets all go to BREADSTIX!

2pz animalz in containerz

blake's kitteh mallory in a backpack

isabella marie melton-jones in a recycled grocery bag

kismet kitty in the box in which my new shoes showed up

send us a pic of your favorite animal in a container.

now i know why john is pretending not to care about the chilean miners.

thx melissa!

domino's pizza tracker.

i mean, chilean miner tracker. nytimes is helpin' out. follow all your favorite miners as they are rescued wearing brand new oakleys. hurry up and get pedro cortez outta there! he's going to look soooo coooooool in those sunnies!

great job, antoine!

love you, boo. (via)

thx lilly!
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