22 February 2012

thats me getting my first tattoo

psych thats honey boo boo child zac efron
getting another one.

ima read

from @jakeshears

practice makes puppy perfect

thx flim.

not in the business of outing people...

...but this movie is a metaphor for you being gay, right Tyler Perry? Everyone loves you, you have everything you want, but you have never explored what makes you happy. Then a new relationship formed outside of the one you have with your fiance is the way these new feelings came to light? Oh wait, it's a woman in the movie. That makes you still straight. Nevermind. How silly of me!

sports postz: irl zombie shoots hoops

This girl was in a coma for two and a half months. Occasionally her parents would sit her up and she could shoot a beach ball through a hula hoop. Now that she's recovered, she doesn't remember a thing about it. read more.

zoe picks up all of the tennis balls

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