16 December 2011

this is tense

bike rules. 1) it is ok to be self righteous. 2) it is not ok to lock your bike to a strangers.

totes breathing

I'm alive! I was on a field trip to this place. it was pretty great. We sang carols and chatted with nuns.

have you seen this man?

whoopi goldberg lizzes in front of claire danes

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get excited

the NBA is back soon! go grizzlies.

party down movie

good news. "We have a treatment," former Party Down and current Parks & Recreation star Adam Scott told the website. "And if everyone’s schedules work out, we’ll shoot it over the summer." Considering how long a certain subset of fans of Party Down creator Rob Thomas's earlier show Veronica Mars have been pushing for a movie, it is kind of amazing that this could actually happen (not that Rob Thomas, that Rob Thomas). Though maybe it isn't that surprising considering what a cheap labor of love the show—which included hysterical performances by Ken Marino, Jane Lynch, Martin Starr, Ryan Hansen, Ken Jenong and Lizzy Caplan—clearly was. Apparently beyond scheduling the flick just needs one last green light from Starz. Maybe Fred Savage will even direct the movie too?

arcade fire - sprawl ii (mountains beyond mountains)

the video for my fave track off of "the suburbs". interactive version here.

RIP christopher hitchens

i'm actually really bummed about this. ;(

his vanity fair pieces, written after his diagnosis.

going rogue.

the blog turned italic, and i don't know why.
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