17 January 2011

brasilia rising from the dust

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dlisted's hot slut of the day :: julia stiles

HAH hahHAh haha hAhhaha hAHA ha

and also this...


another pic of jenny at the globes

i think she looks pretty good. via.

is that some sort of accessory or garter tattoo on her legs?

he as a lot to hide, obviously

tennessee's new governor oil gazillionaire bill haslam made his first executive act an order that allowed himself and top aides permission not to disclose how much they earn in outside income.

this is the complete opposite of the first executive act of his predecessor phil bredesen. weird.




a little late though...
Attention everyone who never got to see our TV show on Showtime (or wants to see it again). Good news: Current TV is re-airing the entire series!
The show ran for two seasons, winning several Emmy awards including best nonfiction series. We're thrilled that more people will get to see it. Episodes will air Mondays at 10PM/9C, from January 10th through April 4th. If you have digital cable, chances are you have Current TV. (via)

i'm sorry...i got a little nervous...

also, check out stewie's outfit. is he looking especially good or WHAT?

oh and speaking of maps

i loved this story in the times this morning.
It was rolled up among other yellowed maps and prints that came off a delivery truck at the Brooklyn Historical Society’s stately office near the East River. Carolyn Hansen, the society’s map cataloguer, began to gently unfurl the canvas.
“You could hear it rip,” said Ms. Hansen, 29, still cringing at the memory. She stopped pulling. But enough of the map, browned with age and dry and crisp as a stale chip, was open to reveal a name: Ratzer.
“We have a Ratzer map,” said James Rossman, chairman of the society, who happened to be in the building that Monday last May. That statement, despite the reverence in its delivery, meant little to the others in the room, but it would soon reverberate in cartography circles and among map scholars.
The name Ratzer is invoked as something of a Da Vinci of New York cartography, and the map was an early edition of his best-known work: a Bernard Ratzer “Plan of the City of New York” in its 1770 state. (via)
i can't wait to see it irl!

what did you learn today?

i learned that all the streets that cross manhattan avenue in greenpoint (my new home) have alphabetical names (up to O). look!
from north to south tip2tip :
ash street - box street - clay street - dupont street - eagle street - freeman street - green street - huron street - india street - java street - kent street - greenpoint ave (used to be lincoln street) - milton street - noble street - oak street

how fun!

freedom fridayz

because monday is just as good.

here's a current skyline pic. with arrows for guidance.
red - frank o. gehry's beekman tower - get your curvy rental now!
blue - cranes of the rising wtc tower 4
orange - freedom tower aka 1 wtc - gettin real close to the top of the skyline and only half the floors are done


UPDATE kylie wants the pic here. i was going for the surprise, but i'll just ruin it. for kylie.

i got really excited when i saw the headline about a $1.1 billion yacht. then i clicked on the link.

here's a little sneak-a-peek...

at breaking dawn's s-e-x scene.

jake and jenny at the globes

jake gyllenhaal brought his old (cough) girlfriend jenny lewis as his date to the globes last night. he wore his beard very well.

i for one would love to see these two out and about more often. best girlfriends have the most fun together!

happy MLK day

hope your MLK day is awesome!

watch what happens to these drag queens

rupaul's drag race (aka the best show on cable) kicks off january 24th. via.

chris evans is captain america


did you see captain america and thor present that award at the globes last night?


scream 4 - new trailer

Scream 4 - Trailer
Uploaded by dreadcentral. - Watch feature films and entire TV shows.

earlier we saw the official teaser trailer, now here is the official official trailer.

joel, you forgot:

january jones. JFC.

ke$ha + andre 3000

"sleazy" (remix)

hottest girls at the globes

emma stone looks hot 2 death in calvin klein. the color doesnt look as awesome in this pic as it did on tv.

tilda swinton in jil sander. what can i say. bitch makes crazy look good.

anne hathaway wears armani prive (again) and looks like a vision from my dreams. shoulder pads! glittery! golden! yes!

pretty princess zac efron looks totes gorgeous in his calvin klein tux.

when does sofia vergara not look hot. pink vera wang.

classic youtubez

andy and pee-wee's night out

one of the highlights of this weekend's otherwise lame snl was this digital short featuring andy samberg and pee-wee herman. watch out for a cooper cameo. shots shots shots shots shots shots!

the opposite of the previous post

happiest birthday dog in the whole world! riley just turned two and got the birthday party of his dreams. via.

most depressing dog of the day

“A dog, “Leao”, sits for a second consecutive day, next to the grave of her owner, Cristina Maria Cesario Santana, who died in the week’s catastrophic landslides in Brazil.”
via officially depressed.

Liz said she would have a go with him

and so would emma stone, apparently (fuckyeahrdj)
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