06 February 2013

the vols got two new quarterbacks today.

the weird looking one : joshua dobbs from alpharetta, GeOrGiA! (highlight reel)

and the ruggedly handsome one : riley ferguson from north carolina! (highlight reel)

we also got a real good wide receiver named marQuez north, with a capital Q. (highlight reel)

see the whole class here.

marc jacobs is in charge of diet coke now

the newly appointed creative director of the brand follows in the footsteps of karl lagerfeld and jean paul gaultier. via.

i follow his young boyfriend harry louis on twitter for laughs.

david beckham looks good while running in underwear

directed by madonna's ex.

here, starla.

here's your dumb boyfriend pretending to be a nirvana album cover for ESPN magazine.

RIP stewie the long cat.

Stewie the Cat, who, at 48.5 inches from nose to tail-tip, was officially recognized as the World's Longest Domestic Cat by Guinness World Records, passed away earlier this week of cancer. (via)



thx nscience!

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