21 August 2014

independence day clouds in st. louis

st. louis is thirsty for news

your fortnightly boat

OMF WILL YOU LOOK AT ALL THAT CARGO!!!???!!!!!!!!!!111111111111
A cargo ship run by Danish shipping and oil conglomerate AP Moeller Maersk has set the world record by hauling 17,603 containers, World Maritime news reports.
The Maersk Triple-E, the world's largest ship, set the mark on July 21 when it left Algeciras, Spain, on its way to Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia. The Triple-E has a full potential capacity of 18,270 20-foot equivalent units (TEU). (via)
thx joel for tabbing this for me.

john oliver on ferguson

finally got around to watching this. highly recommend.

lazy pig and baby goat dance routine

SYTYCD round-up!

you guys, last night there was only 6 dancers left, and now four will compete in the finale next week: contemporary jessica, tapper valerie, contemporary ricky, and tapper zack! that's right, two tappers! read a full recap here.

basically every number last night was impressive, here are the must-watches:

if you don't watch any other videos, watch this incredible tokyo-club-scene-inspired piece by jessica and all-star ade.

casey (who was eliminated) and all-star makenzie in a beautiful contemporary routine.

valerie and all-star twitch, doing a hip-hop "wedding dance" to usher's "yeah".

you can watch any or all of 'em here.

lauryn hill - black rage

she's been performing this for two years, but recently dedicated it to #ferguson
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