22 August 2011

tiny monkey bear with umbrella

from kirby

come on cat, this is supposed to be your thing


Take a look at this Tshirt


gchatz w/ john

re: this.

me: i just did the unthinkable
and wikipedia'd "placenta" at work
John: i did too!
me: omg
so the umbilical cord
plugs into the placenta?
which is like nature's electrical outlet?
John: yeah
the placenta is the intermediate between the mother's body and the baby, via the umbilical cord
it's sort of a filter
me: its a magic blanket?
John:  it's also, as i would have imagined, tough and fibrous
at least with the macaque monkey
me: like a steak?
John: idk. maybe like horse meat
me: never had it
guess what your new nickname is
John: macaque monkey?
me: close
placental expulsion
John: no
that's emily
you know it fits her better
me: i dont care whom it is
as long as someone gets it
John: emily
me: done

this is so weird you have to watch it

typical new york afternoon: some girls are filming a street fight when ryan gosling swoops in from out of no where to resolve the dispute.

so bizarre. he looks pretty cute though.

the weeknd : the birds (part 1)

hard to say if this is official (the weeknd is pretty mysterious), but pretty cool either way.

what is yella bear doing?


tiggers in paris.

new meme alert!

the 5th annual international cornhole cup!

here's what it looked like!

 that's hip-hop jesus, jicyww.

opening ceremonies.


robot penis.

 black, white and red all over.

white gilt.

 more white gilt.

 little pre-dance party dancing.

 it just happened, ok?

 post-nightfall semi-finals.

the champs, navy yard ninjas!

what is yella bear doing?

plankin' on a million.

the weeknd - thursday

a new mixtape from the weeknd. 
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