30 September 2011

RIP: Heidi The Crosseyed Opossum

"This week Heidi the cross-eyed opossum was put to sleep at Germany's Leipzig zoo. Heidi was three and a half and had been listless and unable to move for weeks."

It's Definitely Not His Birt'day

Harmony Korine teamed up with fashion brand Proenza Schouler (is that a Chloe reference or what?) to make this disturbing short film titled Snowballs. Lauren Santo Domingo used the phrase "crystal meth trailer park" to describe it, and while I didn't know who she was until a few seconds ago, I have to agree with her.
The film features clothing from the PS fall line which is inspired by Native American culture, specifically Navajo Textiles, and the warbonnets a one-dimensional and racist flourish compared to the subtlety of the clothes were added by Korine.

I think it's beautiful, but meaningless and weird as hell.  Also, that squeaky little voice is really grating.



This is too wild. Train surfing is the new batmanning is the new owling is the new planking.

Update on the Pepper Sprayed

She's from GREEN POINT! Neighbors!

Interview with Pepper Sprayed Protester Chelsea Elliott from ANIMALnewyork.com on Vimeo.

Aurora Borealis From SPACE!

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