26 February 2013

ron swanson and megan mullaly covering "smell yo dick"


animals that are jerks

what is your favorite gif in this list of gifs?

i like this way this raccoon uses his people hands.

thx for the tip melissa

thanks, i guess

Some (not very) prominent Republicans have banded together to make the shocking announcement that they are not in fact in favor of outright discrimination. After homeroom they passed a note to the Supreme Court in support of a lawsuit that seeks to strike down Proposition 8, the California law that the Mormons payed for.

In making an expansive argument that same-sex marriage bans are discriminatory, the brief’s signatories are at odds with the House Republican leadership, which has authorized the expenditure of tax dollars to defend the 1996 marriage law. The law defines marriage in the eyes of the federal government as the union of a man and a woman.

This is what it looks like when you build your house on the sand. nytimes. via.
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