10 April 2011

robyn and nicki cover elle

fierce and fiercer


daily ri ri


watch this amazing video about sea animalz

this raccoon never tasted stale bread so good


1993 Sunday (oops i skipped '93)

1993 is really too good to skip. every hit is a hit!

nashville just got gayer

Companies doing business with Nashville Metro government will soon have to pledge not to discriminate against employees based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

The Metro Council approved a bill Tuesday requiring government contractors to abide by that guideline by a vote of 21-15, with three abstentions. A source of controversy in the business community, the bill drew sharp debate from council members Tuesday night.

Councilman Jamie Hollin, a sponsor of the bill, said after the vote that Metro had “sent a clear signal all around the world” that people of all kinds are welcome to work in Nashville.


benja, is there something you want to tell mr. swenson?
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