03 January 2014

Music Minute with MZ.DANGELS - Seasick Mama

Seasick Mama is one to watch in 2014.
Also note our beloved 2pz retreat spot - the Dominican Republic - featured in the vid.

what it is like today


"i'm the second lead vocalist of the group" cough cough WHAT? (shade)


Mayors - they're just like us!

Adorable Everyman Mayor de Blasio took to shoveling snow today after Snowstorm Hercules dropped a big dump on New York:
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Although I thought that was Dante's job, according to his mom:

While I respect the Mayor's commitment to Keeping It Real, I kind of also appreciated the fact that Mayor Bloomberg was so rich he could pay someone to do life chores while he focused on mayoral tasks like reducing soda sizes and plopping bike paths everywhere.
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