09 September 2011

that reminds me...


CANT - dreams come true

the new album from grizzly bear's chris taylor is streaming.

how exciting!

CANT - Dreams Come True by Transdreamer Records

don't miss your chance to tell this joke this weekend.

me: hey john
knock knock
John: who's there?
me: 9/11!!
John: 9/11 who?


Bans on Bans on Bans

Apparently I haven't found a way to get around the bans... I couldn't even read the article!

did you pin yourself?

another fantastic inforgraphic from the new york times. pin where you were the morning of september 11th, and how you feel 10 years later.

thx erin.

us open

let's go america!!

isner's playing murray right now.

roddick plays nadal next.

federer and djokovic are through to the semis.

live scores.

serena is through to the semis, as well, despite her uga-ly outfit.

Do I want a pair?

did you miss obama last night?

The centerpiece of the bill, known as the American Jobs Act, is an extension and expansion of the cut in payroll taxes, worth $240 billion, under which the tax paid by employees would be cut in half through 2012. Smaller businesses would also get a cut in their payroll taxes, as well as a tax holiday for hiring new employees. The plan also provides $140 billion for modernizing schools and repairing roads and bridges — spending that Mr. Obama portrayed as critical to maintaining America’s competitiveness. (via)

beirut : santa fe

honestly, when i heard there was a new beirut album out, i thought to myself "i don't think i have another one of those in me." i was pleasantly surprised, however. it's pretty pretty pretty good. not too gypsy-music-y. maybe his most accessible.

you can listen to it on spotify, of course. have you joined yet?

oh. my. god.

that's the cutest bulldog i've ever seen!

they're usually pretty ugly...

thx macbreath!!!


you'll never guess what justin hunter's nickname is!!


rachel told me that!

i never formally introduced y'all...

...to dharma. she is grace's new kitteh. an arrowtail calico persian?! after i met her, i was asked to give my first impressions. this is what i said:

Grace: so tell me what you think of dharma
spare no detail
me: she has
the prettiest colors
the softest fur
the cutest pants
the best tail
the craziest eyes
and the pinkest nose
and the quietest meow
and the funniest run
and the most adorable jumps

look at her!!!!!

here's her blurg.


a new playlist for everyone.

it's a chill one, in the spirit of the weekend.
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