08 September 2011

i can hear you bitches

daily ri ri

rihanna for armani jeans. looking like she stole kevin's haircut from home alone.

work! work! work! work! work! work! work! work! work!

what new york looks like from up there

from the antenna on the top of the empire state building. via

what am i doing this weekend?

this swedish moose ate too many drunk apples and somehow found himself stuck in a tree. he needed some of his friends to help him out, and probably ordered a pizza on sunday and drank a 2 liter of sierra mist. via


the new owling.

i dare you, joel.

larry david life rules.

a compilation courtesy of nymag.

season finale this sunday. already?!

ryan gosling explains...

...breaking up that fight. cute.

The theme of the weekend

Swizz Beatz (Feat. Eve) - Everyday

the terrorists win.

from fresh air, an interesting analysis of the change (or lackthereof) in the american lexicon following september 11th:
They were instant cliches, but they needed saying anyway. September 11th was our Pearl Harbor. It would change the way we think and create a new normal. It defined a generation. And from the beginning, people looked to the language to bear witness to how utterly differently we were seeing the world. Ten years later, it's not so clear. 
I've been making a list of all the words I've been tracking since 2001 that were connected to 9/11 and its repercussions. Its a jumble: axis of evil and the army you have, cakewalk, coalition of the willing and connect the dots, dead or alive and don't touch my junk, evildoers and enhanced interrogation. But the one thing that jumps out at me is how ephemeral they are. Most have already disappeared, and apart from 9/11 itself, few of the rest will be around a decade from now. (via)

smell jersey has had it up to here...

...with all this rain.

your fortnightly boat

guess who i saw getting tug-boated into its parking spot this morning...

the boat made of 9/11!! just in time for the anniversary!
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Navy Secretary Ray Mabus announced in a statement on Tuesday that the amphibious transport ship will travel to the city this week to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attack. The vessel will also transport a handful of emergency responders and families of victims from her home port in Norfolk, Va., to New York Harbor.
On Sept. 11, the boat will move from its anchor point in the Hudson River to “a location within sight of the World Trade Center,” the statement said. 
Commissioned into service in November 2009, the ship was built, in part, with steel reforged from the twin towers. Mr. Bloomberg hailed the return of “a powerful symbol of the deeply personal connection that New Yorkers have with our military.” (via)
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