20 October 2014

i can't do better than gawker's description

"Cool Horse Trots Around NYC Without a Care Except the Cops Chasing Him"

we don't just watch movies not to tell anyone about it.

yesterday, while resting my dogs after a long, successful tenth annual international cornhole cup, i watched this tom cruise movie, the edge of tomorrow, also starring emily bult blunt.

it was.....11 biscuits!!

i watched godzilla too. more like godsilly. 0 biscuits.

check out my new favorite tumblr.

worst cats. thx carly!

see also: slittens.

what is it, comeback monday?

bethenny is going to be on the next season of RHoNYC, if you can believe that.

also, good news: RHoA is back in about 3 weeks. phew!

speaking of comebacks...

a new installment of marcel the shell!

shrimps are the idiots of the sea.

set your VCRs to tape this hot new television program!

did you ever watch season one?
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