18 March 2014

good luck with that old used up cheater

bruce pearl is going to try to go whip the auburn basketball program into shape. via

his best years are certainly behin
d him. #govols #butteagleass

nashville scene complains about nytimes talking about a brooklyn recipe for nashville "style" hot chicken

im guessing the nytimes will not be issuing any sort of response.

read the full whiny blog post here.

 Really, New York Times? You think you've given away the secret to Nashville-style hot chicken? I'm guessing AndrĂ© Prince Jeffries of Prince's Hot Chicken Shack might have a thing or two to say. Not to mention the exclusive recipe Bites passed along. 
 Do we cut the, ahem, paper of record some slack for inserting the word "style" in there? I guess that's kind of the food writer's equivalent of the word "alleged" in an investigative story. Sort of gets you off the hook. I can just hear the reporter on the phone with Jeffries now: "No, ma'am, we didn't say, 'the secret to Nashville hot chicken.' We said, 'the secret to Nashville-style hot chicken.' " 
 Furthermore, I'm guessing Prince's will never be owned by a restaurant group that describes it as "an urban 'country cafe.' " Just sayin'.
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