13 December 2011

those things were NOT from santa claus.

teen wolf on mtv is coming back soon

i know because flim forwarded me this link to a micheal k post on dlisted. but youre too busy counting abs to read this article arent you. his name is colton haynes and he is working out so hard so that you will watch him on television.

teen wolf is good.

squidding urpdate

Earlier Monday, about 300 protesters in squid costumes surged outside the offices of Goldman Sachs investment bank shouting, "We fry calamari!" and "Everyone pays their tax – everyone but Goldman, Sachs!"

shit girls say

jenny and nsikan both sent this to me! twinsies!!

tired of bribed concierges giving bad recommendations?

so am i. and so is gwyneth paltrow. so she created and i downloaded goop city. now i will always know where the goopiest places are (only in new york).

nashville i bet youre next.


click here!

what is thomas wilhelm doing for the rest of his life?

moving to LA with me. don't worry, we won't be alive for long.


I'll see that. i loved back to the future.

what is dharma doing?

this, i hope.

thx g!

SNL is late to the party

DJV and I had this idea this summer. Perhaps not as fully realized, but we have already moved on to death drops. via.

brian williams goes to jenny slate's house.


Ke$ha is having a moment

 she has been way off the radar for months, and then in the past three or four days I have read at least three positive internet stories about her (actually only two). TREND ALERT! ke$ha is hot again.

youtube classix

dedicated to joey tony pepperoni.


what is he doing now? oh, he has a whole terribly over-produced album and it's on spotify!

adorable rat story

A new study in the journal Science has found that rats can be helpful — the first instance that such behavior has been documented in rodents.
The researchers placed a free-roaming rat in an arena with a caged rat. Over the course of several days, the free rats realized they could nudge open a door and release the caged rat.
After figuring this out, they did so repeatedly, day after day.
“They then did what we refer to as a celebration,” said an author of the study, Peggy Mason, a neuroscientist at the University of Chicago. “The trapped rat runs around the arena, and the free rat appears excited and runs after the trapped rat.”

now, if they could just figure out how to escape nscience's murderous grip.

meryl streep : vogue cover girl

for the first time ever. 

photographs by annie liebovitz.

nyt confirms tote bags are the shit

welcome to the party nyt.

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