27 August 2012

remember jonathan brandis?

he was friends with that dolphin that could talk on seaquest. and he was really good at soccer and played on an all girls team called the ladybugs.

cat power - sun

stream the new album here.

what is kismet doing???

enjoying himself

4 DAYS!!!

i have it on good authority (the internet) that the vols have been running drills while listening to this song?

personally, i think they could've found a more upbeat song with a similar message, but i'm glad theyre as hopeful as i am. ;(

did you hear?

hurrican isaac is about to roll into new orleans on the seven year anniversary of katrina.

curiosity descent

Using an editing technique known as interpolation, redittor God22 (aka Dominic Muller) has artificially boosted the framerate of Curiosity's descent footage from four frames per second to twenty five frames per second. Also known as "tweening" (short for Inbetweening), interpolation involves rendering missing frames artificially, to give the appearance of smooth transitions between actual frames. It's still playing in real-time, it just appears much, much smoother. (via)
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