10 October 2013

what is dottie doing?


thx ktv!

beale street voted best street in the world by readers of USA today

or something very close to that

graffiti building to be replaced with glass and brick luxury condo

this empty warehouse in queens called 5pointsz is set to be torn down and replaced with luxury. i think i see djv's name written at the bottom there in paint pen. via

terrible news for jonas brothers fans (me)

they cancelled their tour and might not be brothers anymore! well i guess they will always be brothers but they won't be "the jonas brothers" and im guessing that thanksgiving is going to be pretty awkward. according to people magazine, according to the new york times, a group spokesman described “a deep rift within the band” and “a big disagreement over their musical direction.”

may i make a suggestion? SHIRTS OFF NICK JONAS.

what your white person graffiti hath wrought - BANKSY in NYC

daily ri ri

omg you guys, rihanna is planning to move to new york instead of back to LA after her current world tour is over. that means the chance that i will run into rihanna will increas dramatically. i wonder if rihanna like dumplings or hot wings or tacos! i'll find out. via

Tennessee is planning to play football with Virgina Tech at Bristol Motor Speedway in 2016

this shows what Neyland Stadium would look like inside the Bristol Motor Speedway. I still can't believe that many people go watch cars drive in circles. twerk.

did you watch american horror story : coven?

it started last night, and i thought it was pretty fun, not counting the first 5 minutes (you'll see).
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