14 October 2011

well said.

"well, that's not genteel at all! the SEC's about gentility. we prefer a genteel man, fine haberdashery."

thx heather!

this is getting fun!

the 1 percent who stand with the 99 percent.

drake (feat. nicki nimaj) - make me proud

11 biscuits!

the WE DO campaign

For the past 10 days, same-sex couples in Asheville, North Carolina have been showing up to the county register's office to politely request marriage licenses. They've all been denied, since North Carolina doesn't permit gay couples to marry. (A proposed amendment to the state constitution banning same-sex marriage comes up in May.) But it certainly puts a human face on the struggle for marriage equality. (via)
the campaign for southern equality

set your tivos!

season 2 starts sunday!

get out of the living room, dave.


john and i were just ctm-ing about this account of what happened when rage against the machine's tom morello showed up at zucchini park yesterday to perform, while the protestors were scrambling to clean up the park and avoid being forcibly evicted this morning:
The cleanup efforts were temporarily derailed on Thursday by the appearance of Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello. Some facilitators were not pleased. As he sung his first song, the leader in the red hat yelled out, "Tom Morello, stop singing and come help us clean." Another: "Tom, I love you, but come on!" A third, older occupier was blunter: "I'm more of a Grateful Dead guy." (via
ctm. anyway, then i stumbled onto this music video for their song "sleep now in the fire", recorded in 2000. looks like they're occupying wall street...

in related news, wtf is bloomberg talking about?
Bloomberg, meanwhile, attempted to explain the change of course on his radio show this morning. "Yesterday, as of 8 o’clock at night, they were going ahead to do it, but, as of midnight, they called and said they wanted to postpone the cleaning operations," he said. The mayor went on to blame members of local government for pressuring the park's owners: "My understanding is Brookfield got lots of calls from many elected officials, threatening them and saying if you don't stop this we'll make your life more difficult," he said. "If those elected officials had spent half as much time trying to promote the city to get jobs to come here we would a lot more ways towards answering the concerns of the protesters.
"There has to be some resolution eventually," he added. (via)
that doesn't make a lick of sense.

the new museum is getting this.

If all goes as planned, the New Museum’s five-year-old building on the Bowery will become something of an amusement park beginning Oct. 26, with visitors hurtling through a giant plastic tube from the fourth floor to the second. (via)

what if paris flooded?



happy pizza friday everyone.

this week's playlist is called LSpoo, for obvious reasons.
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