18 September 2010

What's for dinner? SONIC EDITION!

I drove to my nearest Bank of America yesterday because it was payday and we don't have Direct Deposit. The atm is 45 min. away, which seemed like a drag until I found the SONIC next door. I didn't have time for the full experience so I just drove through but here's what I ate:

Strawberry Limeade

Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster Sandwich with tots on the side (T.O.T.S.)

Get your beef and cheese sandwiched between two thick slices of Texas Toast. Then top it off with crinkle-cut pickles, chopped onions, fresh shredded lettuce, ripe tomatoes, a freshly prepared onion ring & hickory BBQ sauce. It's the ultimate burgwich.

ANNNND they give you a mint! thanks Sonic!

Also saw this truck on my way back. it's a sign. GO VOLS


So when I moved into my trailer they gave me my house key on this Grizzeley Bear Key chain! how perfect is that?

the back says,
THE GRIZZLY BEAR (ursus horribilis)
-Can grow up to 7ft long and 1000 pounds
-Curbs are born between January and March every 2nd year and weigh one pound
-Food source consists of plants, berries, fish , insects, and mammals

puggy has nothing on marley...

meet puggy, the pekingese with the world's longest dog tongue at 4.5" (i would think bigger breeds often have tongues longer than 4.5", perhaps it's proportional).

But that's nothing compared to the world's CuTeSt tongue, a record currently held by marley. put that back in your mouth!

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