18 October 2010

sorry, pot roast.


i saw this video on the internet almost at the exact same time as nicolette put THIS on my wall:

all my rowdy friends are comin' over tonight

BCS rankings are out!

1 Oklahoma 6-0
2 Oregon 6-0
3 Boise State 6-0
4 Auburn 7-0
5 TCU 7-0
6 LSU 7-0
7 Michigan State 7-0
8 Alabama 6-1
9 Utah 6-0
10 Ohio State 6-1
11 Missouri 6-0
12 Stanford 5-1
13 Wisconsin 6-1
14 Oklahoma State 6-0
15 Iowa 5-1
16 Nebraska 5-1
17 Florida State 6-1
18 Arizona 5-1
19 Texas 4-2
20 West Virginia 5-1
21 South Carolina 4-2
22 Kansas State 5-1
23 Arkansas 4-2
24 Mississippi State 5-2
25 Virginia Tech 5-2

while i haven't completely given up hope that tennessee could end up in the national championship game (fingers crossed!), it's about that time of the season where my pride and allegiance inevitably expands to include all of the SEC. so, i'm glad to see that in its first week of publishing offical rankings, the BCS at least had enough sense not to rank both boise state and TC-whom? above the highest ranked undefeated SEC team, the auburn wild war tigerhawks.

it's just too bad that the top 3 teams on this list don't have much chance of moving, since they play a total of 3 ranked teams over the remainder of their collective schedules (BSU doesn't play any, of course), while the 3 SEC contenders in the top 10 still have to collectively face eight (8) top 25 opponents, including each other. oh no, but yeah. no. the SEC is not the toughest conference. no.

your thoughts?
ps, has mississippi state ever been ranked before, do you think? anyway, GO VOLS!

did you ever wonder what a sea lion smile looks like?


this guy's a real wack-a-doo.

he's got a damn floating / moving green on his golf course! he's probably right about it probably being the most recognizable object in the state of idaho though...

thx dad!
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