01 May 2011

fox news fail


and another one.


wolf blitzer just said that this is one of those moments that you will always remember where you were when you found out.

here is a strangely prescient huffpo article

seth meyers was there too.

a haiku for you

Sunday afternoon.
Grizzlies win, Mexican food,
I win this one too.

omg the grizzlies kilt em (OKC edition)

Grizzlies 116-101 Thunder. officially up 1-0 in the western conference semi-finals.

oh hey!


i really want this book

nerd alert.

what do you mean youre out of jalapeno poppers?




Prom 2011 What the kids are wearing...

Some were Dapper and Coordinated.

Girl's dresses had to have straps and be floor length

Some boys went well tailored

Others didn't put as much time and thought into cut and fit.

But almost everyone had a good time.

And the food wasn't half bad.

chaperoning prom= 7.5 biscuits.

best president EVER.

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