29 April 2009

what is jazzy doing?

answer : looking like a million biscuits!

what is kismet doing?

answer: he is NOT supposed to climb on this table. sometimes i let him do it because i think its funny, but if dad saw him doing this he would not be amused. im pretty sure he doesnt read the blog though, so i think kismet will be safe. the second picture is a pretty classic kismet shot i think.


triptrop NYC creates gorgeous graphic maps of travel times (using subways) between any 2 points in nyc. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

real housewives recap

here's this week's recap, which features a better clip of the fight fight fight!

The penultimate Housewives! With tales of rejuvenation and renewal, discord and disharmony. But mostly tales of women on the verge—about to pop or explode, to shit or get off the pot. How'd it go? (gawker)

thx g.


To mark the President's First 100 Days, the White House released a ton of behind the scenes photos taken by Pete Souza. Some of the photos have already been seen, but there is a huge amount that show the President goofing around, acting affectionate with his wife and children and holding late night meetings with aides. Buried in the amazing collection is a photo imbued with White House history. It shows President Obama playing in the Oval Office with Caroline Kennedy. Is the President pretending to be John Jr. when he played in his father's desk? Is he trying to figure out how John got into the desk? (huffpost)

what's for lunch?????

cHiPoTLe with midge!!!!!
i wont go into the menu. you should know by now.


things the roots would rather be doing

if youve been paying attention, you know that i watch jimmy fallon in conan's old spot on late night. i think jimmy is pretty good at his job, but he does have the baddest house band in late night... the roots. i always wondered how that happened, but was mainly just glad to see them.

it finally makes sense

keekerz speakerz

steely dan - peg
i <3 steely dan.

worst day ever

were you watching the today show this morning when meredith vieira interviewed this poor girl from colorado who was chased by a bear and hit by a car in the same day?

she was also pregnant.

on her morning walk she came across a cinnamon colored black bear (who knew) and ran away screaming (which is not what you are supposed to do). she was chased into the street where she was hit by a car that did not stop. baby and mother are fine, but im sad to say he husband was still too shaken up to talk. he looked comatose in fact.

good luck kid.

kelly vs. bethenny : round 2!

ding! ding! ding! last night on real housewives, jill arranged a little sit-down between kelly and bethenny before their charity meeting, because bethenny wanted to alleviate the tension from you-know-what, especially if they were going to be working together.

as to be expected, it did NOT go well. so far, i cant find the WHOLE fight, but here's a sneak peek vid. i'll get the whole thing. don't worry.

why isn't anyone talking about this?

curiosity overwhelmed me while looking at the twitter approval matrix, and i just had to see what spencer pratt twats. it turns out, he's transformed into some kind of jesus freak or something? just this week on the hills, he spent the episode teasing some christian kids mercilessly. did heidi break him?

happy 100th day, barack!

well, here we are. the highly anticipated 100-day milestone. as far as i'm concerned, he's kept all the promises that were important to me. we got a puppy! yay!

n-e-wayz, the nytimes has a pretty good breakdown.

kevin smith vs prince

did you know that in 2001 Kevin Smith filmed a documentary about Prince O(+> that was then never released? in his film An Evening With Kevin Smith, Kevin discusses the strange turn of events that lead to his involvement with the project and talks about Prince, who is apprently crazy.

take the time to watch these if you have about 35 min to kill

kevin smith is really funny, and he is a great story teller.

obsessed, again.

i went to the movies tonight and guess what i saw. the only movie at my cineplex starring beyonce of course, duh.

In all the interviews ive seen (jerry o'connell, ali larter, idris elba) the first question asked is, how was beyonce. the answer, after having seen the film, delightful! she was really the best part of the movie. the first half is entirely dedicated to building up to a dramatic showdown between the crazy white bitch and the family-centered mother. she delivered. it is basically impossible to see beyonce knowles on the screen and not think of her as a person reading lines. this is because she isnt a very good actress, but as long as she chooses the right material, i dont think this should really matter. see below for my screencaps, and description of what beyonce is acting.

obsessed : 1 biscuit
beyonce: 11 biscuits!

did my husband cheat on me?

that crazy bitch was in my house!

bloodied, but not broken.... and still more fierce than you

twitter approval matrix

nymag has broken down for everyone whose twats are worth following and whose aren't, in approval matrix format!

i....didnt know you could do that.

WASHINGTON — In an unexpected turnabout in political loyalties, Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania announced on Tuesday that he was leaving the Republican Party to become a Democrat, bolstering President Obama at a pivotal moment for his policy agenda and further marginalizing Republicans on Capitol Hill. (nytimes)
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