31 July 2012

new james bond trailer

i thought tony martin was gay

but i think i had him confused with tony perkins. either way, they're both dead now.

thomas heatherwick likes putting things on the ends of long sticks, to great effect

the 2012 London Olympic cauldron is undeniably beautiful. i didn't make the connection until later that the designer, thomas heatherwick, is responsible for some other breathtaking stuff on sticks. check out a slideshow of all the olympic cauldrons beginning with amsterdam in 1928

this better not suck

CLICK HERE to listen to the upcoming fleetwood mac tribute album, "just tell me that you want me", featuring covers by best coast, lykke li, the new pornographers, antony, washed out, and many many more!

tell us what you think.

well, i don't much care for this, but i was reminded that courtney love and hole once covered "gold dust woman".

GREAT news!

nightmares DO come un-true! penn state never beat us in that outback bowl 5 years ago!
Penn State vacated 112 wins and late coach Joe Paterno vacated 111 on Monday, including one over Tennessee.
The Nittany Lions upset four-point favorite UT 20-10 in the Outback Bowl in Tampa, Fla., on Jan. 1, 2007.
The game is best remembered — and painfully so — by Tennessee fans for running back Arian Foster's fourth-quarter fumble that was returned 88 yards for a touchdown by Penn State defender Tony Davis.
The game's pivotal play came as the Vols were on the march looking to break a 10-10 tie that had stood since the second quarter.
Paterno, watching from the press box due to a broken leg---THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO THE STORY! (via)
we won! WE WON!!!!


starla's boyfriend may be illiterate.

check out some of his twitters:

good bye mama's food shop

When Kylie and I used to live in the East Village, one of my favorite places to grab dinner was Mama's Food Shop down the block from our apartment. They are closing their doors, and seem to be placing the blame on the rising rents and a "professional demographic" that has moved in and displaced their happy crowd of artsy lunch time and daytime customers. Also, according to Jeremiah Clancy, the owner, nymag is partly to blame because they started writing about newer restaurants in the east village that were “basically the same exact thing as Mama’s – fried chicken and a side – but it’s served to you by some hipster dude who has long hair and is 27 and has Steely Dan on the radio.” It sounds to me like Mr. Clancy has been chewing on some sour grapes.

Now, I loved Mama's when I lived in the neighborhood, and I agree that the East Village is a hollow shell of its former self, but I take issue with the blame game that seems to be part of this story. For one, Mama's itself was full of hipster dudes with long hair, and none of them invented the idea of fried chicken being served with a side. For another, they were almost always out of the side or meat that I was in the mood for. To top it off, the Williamsburg location that opened at the end of last year closed a few months ago without much fanfare. It sounds like there were more problems than just the neighborhood.

Keep your eyes on the road, Mama. I'm going to miss the meatloaf and mac n cheese. source source source source
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