02 August 2012



"yet again," new grizzly bear songs sounds exactly like grizzly bear

corgi puppy live stream

don't not.

thx jess!!

RIP Gore Vidal

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you probably read yesterday that acclaimed author Gore Vidal died Tuesday.

Gore Vidal has been one of my favorite authors ever since I read City and the Pillar in college. When I was studying abroad I found an English language bookstore and started reading everything of his I could get my hands on.

Do yourself a favor and go pick up Julian or Lincoln and enjoy the finest work of one of America's greatest authors. More here.

the internet is buzzing about some sort of Drake / Aaliyah collaboration

well, as much as you can collaborate with a dead girl i mean.

some people say that he is going to executive produce a new Aaliyah album, some people say that he is going to feature her vocals on a new single, some people say that Drake is obsessed with her. He already has her face tattooed on his back, and has sampled her music in his track unforgettable.

dig her up. you know the rest.

good luck drizzy.

i was just obsessively reading the comments on this gawker story about murfreesboro...

...and that stupid c-u-know-what, lou ann zelenik, when i came across this weird youtube. it contains the phrase:

"in addition to the cut of your jib, i likes the sound of your town. murFREESboro."


what are you doing tomorrow night

lets go to a concert at Glasslands:

blood diamonds, Le1f, gobby

get your ten dollar bill out and pay for a ticket. see you there.

brb outside :universal studios orlando

that's hogwarts castle. like from the book

DINO DNA! for dr. nscience

what's for lunch, jurassic park edition.jurassic park hotdog.

while i was there, toops, i was thinking of you.

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