22 November 2011

oooo burn

Kansas State declares themselves Texas State Champs!

Nice job K-State.

this is happening right now.

we lost 99-97 in double overtime. if i had to hazard a guess, i would say that the full support of DJV may have been the extra boost the Vols needed in the final seconds of this close match.


is this game a circus?


it's overtime, y'all.

blog sneak attack:
David: i think memphis is going to win


a parody of "drive".

what it looks like irl.

BOP mmboop-oop mmBAH!

terry gross tuesdays

you might remember about two weeks ago, the people of mississippi voted on the issue of defining "personhood", which was totes stupid and thank g-d the new law, which would ban almost all forms of birth control, did not pass.

did you ever wonder about the history of the birth control / conception debate? i know i hadn't! until now. terry interviews historian and new yorker contributor, jill lepore, who outlines the history of the planned parenthood movement, started by margaret sanger in the early 1900's. they cover fascinating topics like nineteenth-century contraception, tenement life, adultery, eugenics, black panthers, and more!

spoiler alert: the phrase "feeble-minded" definitely DOES enter the picture. enjoy!
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