09 January 2013

nErD aLeRt!

get these guys the g-d pritzker!

the ABCs of Architects

The ABC of Architects from fedelpeye on Vimeo.


the first photo of an alive giant squid in its natural deep sea environment.

remember i told you how they found one?

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here's the giant squid's first video. its television debut airs january 27.



you must watch this.

that's not a lion, it's a puppy!

When police in Norfolk, Virginia, received a call yesterday morning alerting them to the presence of a lion cub wandering the city streets, they immediately phoned the Virginia Zoo to ensure no kings of the jungle had gotten loose overnight.
After getting the all-clear, officers set out to learn the true identity of the lion-like animal freaking out Colley Avenue passers-by. (via)
halloween is just around the corner, hank...

one of the men in this "zorb" dies.

One man died and another was badly injured after the Zorb they were strapped into got away from handlers at the Dombai ski resort in Abkhazia, and rolled into a gorge. (via)

your fortnightly boat

the seastreak ferry (also known as "the most fun you can have on your way to new jersey") forgot how to use its brakes this morning and came careening into pier 11 at wall street, injuring dozens of innocent smell jerseyans.

australia is burning up into a crispy crisp.

have you heard? are the koalas' pawz ok?!! i demand a comment from the prahm meeyinistah!!


if you're keeping up with the nytimes, you may have noticed that they recently spotted a new trend: NASHVILLE. that's right, the paper of record is finally getting around to reporting what we know and have already forgotten. good work everyone!

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