17 September 2010

something for you to put in your memory box...

the UT VOLS are playing the stinky swampy florida oil spill gator-thugs this weekend.

we're going to wipe the floors with those assholes. consider making some of this for yourself to nosh while you cheer with us!

there is also a "time to die" VOL shirt being sold in honor of the gator football loser who texted that to his girlfriend before he beat the shit out of her.

when i think about you


daily ri ri

new rihanna song. i cant get it to embed for some reason, so just follow this link. then read a book or churn some butter or something.

blair waldorf will kill your ass.

here's a trailer for a new movie called the roommate. i wish i was on frienderz-dot-com.

bestie x bestie

!!!!!!! [BESTIE x BESTIE 1] !!!!!!! from Dean Fleischer-Camp on Vimeo.

from the folks who brought you marcel the shell with shoes on (twice)

oh hell no

this sailor was fishing with his friends and jumped off the boat to swim to shore when the boat broke down. he was never heard from again.

a week later an investment banker was shark hunting (natch) and caught one with a leg hanging out of his mouth. it was the damn sailor inside of the shark!

oh hell no.

what are you doing this weekend?

everyone's favorite jewish holiday, sukkot, is rapidly approaching. (i know!) to celebrate, you have to eat all your meals in a hut with a view of the sky, but only for the man. at least that's what john told me. this year, there is a design competition going on called sukkah city:
The design competition Sukkah City encouraged its entrants—all 600 of them, from 43 countries—to marry religious tradition with architectural radicalism in the timely form of short-term shelter. A jury chose twelve finalists, whose structures will stand in Union Square on September 19 and 20; by voting here, you, our readers, will choose the winner. It’ll be on view until October 2. (via)
so get out to union square this weekend and check 'em out. there's a slideshow of the finalists here.


jicydak, christine o'donnell is a teabagger that just won her republican primary, but made waves when an old video clip surfaced, in which she presents an anti-masturbation segment on mtv. it's weird.

when i saw this last night...

...i said "this is like double rainbow!"

deadspin made the same connection. "dont get hit by debris bro!" ctmol!

i mean that tree DOES get totes pwned at the end there, though.

UPDATE: that dude is a model

what last night was like.

thx markie.

well, we made it!

due to that storm i just showed you, it took me 4 hours to get to the mets game last night, all for some quality melton hang time with joel's better third, melissa. here's how i did it:

NJ to QNS:
one car ride, one NJT bus ride, one NJT train ride, one PATH train ride, two MTA subway rides, three laps around queensboro plaza leading to one failed attempt at an MTA bus ride, one more long local subway ride, walk to stadium. 

 it took melissa like 2 hours to get there from about 5 miles away.
but we made it!
of course, the first stop was shake shack, to eat those stressful tornado feelings. melissa went off to get us a couple stiff light beers.
made it to our seats with beers and burgers in hand in time to catch the last 3 innings!
the place was totally packed despite the severe weather. jk, it wasn't.

OH! and jicyww, melissa and i caused a us open-style fight when we tried to sit in our correct seats. this woman said she needed them for her children. there were easily 4 empty seats on either side of her, and my favorite part was when melissa said "well, how many more seats to do you need?" then this drunk dude tried to stand up for us by yelling at the woman, to which she replied in a delightful queens accent "and who tha fuck do you think you aaahhhh?!?!" then she went and got security and tried to get him thrown out while her husband nicely asked him not to call his wife "a fucking bitch". i did yell out "get it on youtube" but unfortunately, i didn't actually get it on youtube...

as melissa said, it was so horrible it was fun! next time, we'll stick with the yankees! go vols!

tornado in brooklyn!

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