21 November 2012

It's official.

My life-long dreams have been fulfilled!
GO VOLS. #amiright?

more racist present ideas

i don't care if it is racist, i want a pendleton indian trading blanket

Neil's Puppet Dreams looks like fun


thomas wilhelm says, "now that's what i want to see"

@MarthaStewart:   Here I am filling 6 of the 12 pies. Each pie takes 6 cups of filling. Recipe in Martha Stewarts Pie & Tarts book

how many corgis are in this book?

If the answer is several, then sign me up. Her Majesty is one of those big expensive Taschen numbers covering Queen Elizabeth's 60 year (and counting) reign.

african mayonnaise

when will rihanna's unapologetic be on spotify?

the internet needs to know, and so do i. i don't want to read any more reviews, i want to listen to it.

 just keep clicking here
until it happens.
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