25 April 2013

game three in Memphis tonight, hey Grizzlies... WIN

all we do is win win win no matter what

five living presidents

i see you

good work Bartosch brothers

Kellan (above) and Davin (below) are featured in a Memphis Flyer cover story about the craft beer boom and some new breweries opening soon in Memphis. Read the article and go drink Wiseacre beer when it comes out.

UPDATE: another article in the Memphis Business Journal

scary movie night

do you want to see this new ethan hawke horror film? it looks prettty bad, and i have insider information that it is in fact bad, but i would still watch it.

fash-hole of the week!

world's most beautiful woman wears a pretty ugly dress.

what do you think?

here's the story behind boston magazine's tribute cover. 

Beyonce, as Joel in the Domincan Republic

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