31 August 2012

Beyonce says, "I've had 'Shine Ya Light' by Rita Ora on repeat - no doubt you will too."

beautiful realtime wind map


san carlo alle quattro fontane

are you tired of azealia banks?

After a hit single, an EP, and a mixtape, I thought I might be burnt out on the song of the summer singer, but then I read this spin article and my enthusiasm for her new record is back up top. Check it.

marie antoinette's private theater


al gore says exactly what you would expect al gore to say

  "It's always tough to amend the constitution, and very risky to do so," he said on Current TV, which he co-founded. "But I think its time, I think our country would be stronger and better if it went according to the popular vote."

 i agree with him. count the votes, elect the president. screw swing states and electoral colleges. via.

Labor Day is on Monday, that means if the bunny rabbit sees his shadow we get 8 more weeks of summer, right?


hey starla, remember how simple things used to be

these hamsters are making me dizzy

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