06 March 2011

the dying swan

how i got here.

for your information

from the museum of natural history museum.

andrej pejic (male) model

andrej is a gender bending fashion runway sensation. (boy)

lets go see Ke$ha in memphis

she is going to be performing at the Beale Street Music Festival during the first weekend in May.

LETS GO!!!!!!11

the rest of the lineup isn't too shabby either.

chloe clears things up

SEVIGNY: So, for the record, I want to get the
pronunciation of Proenza Schouler down right.

McCOLLOUGH: It's Proenza Schouler. So many people still say Shooler.

SEVIGNY: It's Schouler, as in late for school. I think people think Shooler is more sophisticated that Skooler.

from interview

kitteh and fennec fox


is trashville getting a new theme park?

maybe, probably not.

festival tennessee looks like a ton of fun though. in other news, i think they should bring back opryland. that place was cool!

raya : best teen jeopardy contestant ever?

these are more like it.

two peas : afternoon at the museum

wait a second...


pat head

the university of tennessee's own pat head summitt, the winningest (and best dressed) coach in all of college sports, is profiled in the times today. its pretty good.
Such searing intensity and unyielding expectation have brought her 8 national titles and 1,067 career victories. That is more wins than any other college coach, man or woman.
A ninth title now appears in reach for the fourth-ranked Lady Vols (30-2), a tall, deep and skilled perimeter-shooting team built on the admonishment that Summitt’s father gave her when she lost her inaugural game at Tennessee, in 1974: “Don’t take donkeys to the Kentucky Derby.” (via)

what is thomas wilhelm doing?

getting brunch drunk yesterday.

thx tomer!

what is marley doing?

omg dont even get me started.

thx kelly!
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