13 December 2010

guess which celeb couple broke up

these two. contract expired.

yogi the bear alternate ending

if you don't get it, click here. spoiler alert retroactive.

another christmas kitty.

you know this one. thx sj!

happy misery bear christmas


mandy moore :: candy

bailey the bison likes to drink beer


happy birthday blossom

today is mayim bialik's 35th birthday. what was this show even about. is it really all based on a weird girl with a dead mom, her zany next door neighbor and dumb brother? is that all it takes to make a tv show? how bizarre.


The new big ten logo is supposed to pay homage to the original conference members, with a '10' embedded into the word big. seems a little redundant. pentagram designed the logo, but apparently, the people at the big 11 didn't think their fans would be smart enough understand it without the word 'ten' spelled out.

don't get me started on their division names.
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