20 February 2011

zac is winking at me


in case you wanted to buy me a present.

here is a great place to start.

monkey where are you taking that baby cat?

on an adventure, i'd wager.

the title of this youtube really says it all


misery bear and i both got jobs

jake and carey in nashville

three weekends ago jake gyllenhaal was in nashville again. saturday he and carey mulligan ate at city house (friday night of the same weekend i ate at city house), he went to a house party on granny white pike, he went to a dance party at 12th and porter, and he was spotted at a gas station.

from the sound of it, he and carey were just looking for me at all my old haunts. hey jake, if you want to hang out with me so bad, just email me at 2PzNaPpod@gmail.com and give me your cell number. i promise ill call you back.

good news :)

the second best looking jonas has decided to follow his heart and make a dance album for his upcoming solo project. says joe jonas, "It's not just a cheesy pop record. The dance element is where my heart is." joe jonas is on his way to becoming what he has always dreamed to be : the next kylie minogue

bad news :-/

david archuleta, one of my favorite american idols, was just dropped from his label. apprently his 2010 album, the other side of down, only sold 67,000 copies and that just isn't good enough. me thinks he needs to ditch his crazy mormon father/ manager and reinvent himself as the next mandy moore.

kathy griffin is going to be on GLEE

she got a spot as a tea party regionals judge. via.

all of the lights

my favorite track from kanye's best album now has a music video. featuring rihanna and kid cudi. thoughts?

here it is!

where the f*** is fergie!?

i want to see that.

joel was telling me about it, and it does look really good.
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