07 August 2012

what's for snack: after-school edition

one percent and animal crackers (not pictured: another half-pint)

german diver stephan feck at the olympics


this is what it is really all about


Melissa sent me this bear claw back scratcher in the mail. It telescopes out to 24 inches for those hard to reach places.

Now I never have to reach around again.

we'll see about this

 Faith: have you seen the gangnam style video?
me: no i dont think so
 Faith: (see above)
me: i dont understand what im looking at
 Faith: it's the newest internet sensation
me: we're doomed
 Faith: in 2 seconds you're going to love the song

good work nytimes

here is an interesting video showing how modern sprinters compare to their forebears.
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