18 January 2013

thomas wilhelm showed me this video he and starla made together

i didnt believe it at first, but it is really them. thx caroline.

a new SSION music video, brought to you by CVS. also, the drag queen at the end is really the one singing. in the song.

Here’s another little film masterpiece from Kansas City pop star SSION nee Cody Critcheloe, who, with elaborate costumes, sets and drag queen cameos, always manages to take us somewhere else with each of his ever-ambitious music videos. “Luvvbazaar,” the catchy hit from last year’s Bent album, gets a video treatment that traipses through some heavy black-and-white, ’90s dance-pop nostalgia, reminding us how exuberant pop can be at its best. The joy of SSION is that it’s never ironic—a triumphant moment when a queen in a glittery dress takes the stage to sing some backing vocal ad-libs is life-affirming the most unembarassing way. Also: see if you can spot House of Ladosha dancing in the crowd. via

are you doing anything fun this weekend?

POP ETC - keep it for your own

keekerz speakerz

song of the winter. happy friday!

some black swan shit

MOSCOW — A masked man threw acid in the face of Sergei Filin, the artistic director of the legendary Bolshoi Ballet, on Thursday night, leaving him with third-degree burns and possibly threatening his eyesight, Bolshoi officials said on Friday morning.
The attack followed a series of anonymous threats to Mr. Filin, 42, a dancer who rose through the ranks of the world’s largest ballet company to become its head.
As dancers kept an overnight vigil at the burn unit where he is being treated, his colleagues said they suspected that professional jealousy was behind the attack. In recent weeks, his tires were punctured and his car scratched, and his cellphones and personal e-mail account were hacked and correspondence published, his associates have said. A relative had offered to supply Mr. Filin with a bodyguard, but Mr. Filin refused because he did not believe that the threats would lead to physical violence, said Dilyara Timergazina, his assistant and adviser.

The threats, she said, “don’t show that someone with great conceptual thinking is behind that, but someone very primitive, with unhealthy aspirations — I don’t know how to put it — someone full of hate.”

what did you think was going to happen jerk


))>><<(( forever

they are performing poo transplants! apparently, if you put healthy person poo inside a sick persons guts it'll cure them. grrrrrrrrrooooooooooossssssssssssss

this is the senior author of the study. just look at that shit-eating grin.
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