29 November 2010

your oscar hosts

the academy decided to go out on a limb and hire young, attractive, talented, funny movie stars to host the oscars this year.

i cant think of any reason this wouldn't work. great idea.

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infographic : health and wealth

watch this visualization of the world-wide progression of health and wealth over the past centuries. via.

joyeux noel monsieur ford

tom ford was guest editor for the december issue of french vogue. they released a bunch of pics from the issue, and terry richardson who shot one of the spreads released some behind the scenes stuff on terry's diary. there is one of terry and tom making out. via. go pic up a copy at your local periodical distributor.

how to be a responsible fish eater

Good news everyone! As you may know, ever since I read The Whale Warriors, I have felt a call to protect our greatest natural resource: the terrifying ocean. My battle cry, "Fish IS Murder!" has generally been met with some skepticism, but now thanks to Martha Stewart and the Blue Ocean Institute, every meal can be an opportunity to learn an important lesson. I can't wait to sit down for a kla$$i meal and pull out my new iphone app so I can discover which fish dishes are murder, which will kill you slowly with mercury poisoning, and which are just fine. Until then, enjoy your vegetables!

titan down, plz.

did y'all see this titan fight yesterday?

robyn loves giving us internet presents.

here's her new video for 'dancehall queen'.

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