26 April 2012

martha, call me

hanging out with martha steward sounds like a real blast: (via)

"They always think I’m drunk because I’m always tweeting in the dark, so it makes me do misspellings," said Stewart, who was sipping ... something that did not look like water. "But that’s stupid. I don’t get drunk. Please." Nor does she eat unappetizing food, like the fish she was served. "If I get hungry, I’ll just go upstairs and order a bowl of noodles from Masa," she explained, laughing. "Maybe I should call them and order. 'Hey, Masa, I’m downstairs at an event. Can you bring me some noodles?' They would love it!" 

Twitter isn't the only new-age social network Stewart has tried. "My niece is dating a guy who’s writing the definitive history of online dating. So I tried filling out the Match.com form. I couldn’t get past the first page!" she said. "The questions are so ridiculous, and they ask you to define yourself. It’s just ridiculous." (Besides, even if she could get a profile together, says Stewart, "I'd be murdered on the first date!") She has offline admirers, though, including Harvey Weinstein, who, upon seeing Stewart tweeting a photo of Raphael Saadiq's performance, told her, "You’re cool, just cool. I want to go to a rock concert with you.” What show? "Whatever she wants. Springsteen." She countered. "I’d rather go to a rap concert than a rock concert. If Eminem ever comes back, I want to go see Eminem." Perhaps they weren't a match. 

Stewart left early — maybe for those noodles — but not before making fun of Chelsea Handler's dress sotto voce. "Is that a toga? That is a very high slit. In a very odd place," said Stewart, nodding at the distinct lack of fabric near Handler's posterior. She tried to take a picture of it so she could tweet. The phones, alas, weren't cooperating.

which new chris brown song to you like best?

chris brown (feat. wiz khalifa + big sean) - till i die

chris brown (feat. nicki minaj) - right by my side


game of thrones airbrushed.

nErD aLeRt!

“One can kill a man as easily with a dwelling as with an axe!” Artist Baptiste de Bombourg takes literal this famous damnation of Heinrich Zille, only updating the killing device from a singular ax to an arsenal of automated guns. Entitled ‘Tradition of Excellence’, De Bombourg’s hand-rendered drawings treat each of the guns as a solid mass, from which are carved a series of architectural rooms and spaces.
The drawings recall the plan drawings of medieval British castles–famously collected and studied by Louis Kahn–in which small spaces are excavated out of the thick fortress walls. Yet the “walls” of de Bombourged guns are much more thin, even nimble, with electic, non-platonic profiles that prove naturally conducive to the new spaces and programs.

ANNOUNCEMENT: the day i ate lunch with jake gyllenhaal

one of our vendors took me and rosanna and faith to lunch at abc kitchen and jake gyllenhaal was seated one table away from us and i had a freak fit. it was like that for about an hour, then he was getting up to go so i got my phone ready to snap a pic. i forgot to turn the flash off so i lit up the whole place on his way out. until we meet again jake.thats him walking away to the left of the picture.

it has recently come to my attenshion, that iiiii liiiike filum.

Samsara, a "sequel" to the 1992 non-narrative film Baraka will be released in theaters this August. I loved Baraka, and I can't wait to see Samsara (though I could do without that title font).
And if you're really just over the rainbow for non-narrative film, as I know you are, check out the Qatsi trilogy with music by Phillip Glass. Ron Fricke, the cinematographer for Baraka and Samsara, was also the cinematographer for Koyaanisqatsi, the first of the Qatsi trilogy.

brokelandia - what it feels like sometimes

the brooklyn nets new logo

As long as I am shamelessly re-blogging, this is probs the new brooklyn nets logo. looks like bard. 
i like it.

the nets had this splash page up yesterday on their website. EXCITING!

jicyww: what's a yankee smell like?

we previously reported on the new stink emanating from the bronx. here's what it smells like according to the manufacturer:
The New York Yankees™ fragrance epitomizes the winning style of the greatest team in baseball, capturing a sporty and confident attitude.
This fresh, woody scent introduces an invigorating blend of sparkling Bergamot, Coriander and cool Blue Sage. As it evolves, the fragrance reveals a fusion of crisp Ivy Leaves, Orange Flower and Geranium enhanced with rich earthy Patchouli, smooth Sandalwood and Suede to create a timeless, masculine scent.

It was reviewed by the people over at deadspin and the best comment was this:
Chandler Burr, former perfume critic for T: The New York Times Style Magazine and the current curator of olfactory art at the Museum of Art and Design: "This is absolutely the pitch perfect Justin Bieber hit. You get a perfectly constructed pop hit that stays resolutely within the boundaries of comfort and familiarity but has a great hook. The boundaries of comfort and familiarities are the 1980s late 20th century masculine and the hook is a very sweet fun fruit—like a raspberry. It's the Justin Bieber of scents—if you could bottle Justin Bieber this would be it."

way to go yankees. you nailed it.
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