14 March 2014

no shade.

fridayz with flim

we're almost there! enjoy yourselves!!!!

2PzNaPpod 2014 MARCH MADNESS BRACKET!!!!1111

as i write this, the basketvols are busy taking care of a little business (south carolina) in the SEC tournament. once that's over, they're most likely going to be playing in the NCAA tournament for the first time during coach cuonzo's tenure.

this sunday is selection sunday, and once all the teams are announced, it'll be time to fill out your brackets. we've set up a 2PzNaPpod group, and its completely free to join! #normcore

so go ahead and join our group now by clicking right HERE, and they'll send you an email reminder when it's time. (the password, if anyone asks, is "jazzykismet".) even if you don't know anything about anything, you're not going to want to miss out on this collective competitive experience. trust me.

have you ever wondered about gorilla c-sections?


football season is coming

did y'all hear about how the vols new star WR von pearson made the sportscenter top 10 plays segment with a play he made IN PRACTICE?!?!

how exhilirating! #brickbybrick

have we posted this before

 that's MARTHA

this 'first kiss' parody is also good.

i had a whale of a time getting to it without google searching "first handjob" on my work computer.

i love your puppy

jennifer lopez has a new song about puppies and a sexy video to go along with it.

i don't care if it's passe already...

i want to "whale" this weekend.

Le1f on Letterman (i see you back there Dev Hynes)

These Dogs Meet for the First Time. You Won't Believe What Happens Next.

So maybe some of you have seen that black and white vid of strangers kissing that turned out to be a fashion ad for label Wren, but here's a new twist:


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