31 January 2012

too true, internet

too true.

MIA - bad girls

it's here.

listen on spotify.

dedicated to t-dubs

a cheetah.


thx t-dubz.


This jerk is in trouble for painting stupid pictures.


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thx melissa!

where are you spending the first day of summer?

spotted. from the fairway parking lot in red hook, the beginnings of the brooklyn crab shack! i was pleased to learn that the restaurant is being opened by the owners of alma, another red hook spot that is fucking delicious.
The space will encompass two decks overlooking the New York Harbor, so like Alma, it should boast unrivaled views. They'll serve seafood from up and down the Atlantic coast and will offer salads, soups, sandwiches, and a raw bar. There are also rumors of miniature golf. It's unclear how long construction should take—it's a major undertaking and all of the owners all have small children—but they hope to open by this summer. (via)

keep on RIP-ing, lillywhitefish.

today marks a somber occassion. it's lilly's first birthday since she DIED. she would've been at least 27 or so BEARS OLD!!! i think.

if only she was still with us. everyone be sure to pour one out for her today. 


We've been watching An Idiot Abroad: The Bucket List on the Science channel. I think it may be my favorite show on television, in part because I'm an anglophile. On my way to work, this other British thing came across my earholes, Remember?
As long as we are remembering British rappers from the early 2000's, Remember Dizee Rascal?
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