15 July 2013

Buttercup, the duck with a prosthetic leg is going to march with the Peabody ducks on Wednesday

apparently Buttercup is from Memphis anyway, who knew? quack quack quack

orange is the new black is awesome

Ms. Dangles and I watched the first few episodes this weekend without any expectations, and we both really liked it! Based on a real (unbelievable) story, this new Netflix Original series from Jenji Kohan (Weeds) mixes some prison gags with really fun supporting characters and a strong enough emotional center to make you want to keep watching. So consider this a recommendation and treat yourself to some new original programming.

Zaha's first NYC building

she designed this swoopy apartment building for Related next door to the high line (natch) in west chelsea.

RIP Finn

Melissa:  JOEL
 Melissa:  that glee dude is dead
 me:  i know
 Melissa:  well
what happened?
where is my 2pz report?
does no one care ab glee anymore? should i have moved on already?
 me:  you know
i watched every episode of season 1-3
and didnt even turn on season 4
i feel like i just got tired of it
but not the old music
i still like that
 me:  it is so sad that he is dead
but i dont think that 2pz can really have anything to add other than that
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