15 August 2013

this town is cute!

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spirit animal

omg listen to this, thomas wilhelm pretended to be named joan and called in to NY1 to talk about his views on the mayoral race

he couldn't be weirder.

david sedaris is not that hunky


lookin' real good, boiz!

more valerie june

have you been listening to the album on repeat the way i have? so good. if you want to know more about her backstory, twerk on this memphis flyer cover story.

16 DAYS!!!

Tennessee will officially unveil a new alternative football uniform later this afternoon that features a shadowy charcoal gray jersey and pants complemented by orange numbers and checkered undershirts.
The new uniform represents a much more dramatic shift than the smaller, cosmetic changes released last month.
Adidas posted a photo of the new look on its website this morning. The Volquest website was first to report the new uniform earlier Thursday. The Vols will officially unveil the gray uniforms at the team's annual preseason media day at 3 p.m. (via)
the gray color is called "smokey". H2D if you ask me!!!!
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