08 July 2011

i wish i had thought of that

you know that thought you have when you hear about something so genius and so simple that you wish you had thought of it? well i had just had that thought when i came across the blog kim jong-il looking at things


ohio state university 1 0 - 9 SEC
the struggles continue for the ohio state university as they vacate all of their wins from 2010, including their only victory ever against an SEC team in a bowl game.

what are you doing tomorrow?

if you live in nashville, you're going to the porter flea, organized by 2Pz own threadsecutioner, katie vance (ktv) on saturday, july 9th. 

have so much fun, and send us pixies of all the nashville-crafted wares you bring home!



forbes names nashville #3 in their list of the country's biggest boom towns!
The country music capital, with its low housing prices and pro-business environment, has experienced rapid growth in educated migrants, where it ranks an impressive fourth in terms of percentage growth. New ethnic groups, such as Latinos and Asians, have doubled in size over the past decade. A high quality of life, a vibrant cultural and music scene and a diverse population also make Nashville a desirable place to live. (via)
thx joel!

what is yuki doing?!

looking a bit more alert. thx lilly!


now THIS....i am interested in!

oh brother.

the frightening trailer for the upcoming sarah palin mockumentary, entitled "the undefeated".

-insert disinterested masturbatory gesture here- (via)

this may be my favorite internet meme.

beyonce : best thing i never had

beyonce returns to her crazy-eyed self in her new video. i just love it when she looks right at me. 11 biscuits!!!


thx suzanne!

i just can't

Zeke just got home from the vet -- being allergic to certain grasses, he broke out in hives and they gave him steroid and benadryl shots. This is Winston, loving and taking care of him =)

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