17 May 2011

great job tennis VOL

this one named JP Smith is like the second best tennis player ever to go to Tennessee. I think we all know who is the first best (humble smile / wink). read the nytimes article.

ima totes watch that show.

gob bluth, kelly bundy, maya rudolph, and questionable childcare. what else could you ask for? stay tuned til 4:05 for a surprise that is sure to delight.

thx joey!

what is DJV doing this summer?

no, i'm asking.

does anybody know?

ke$ha (feat. b.o.b.) - blow (remix)

Ke$ha featuring B.o.B - Blow (Remix) by Hypetrak

want to be terrified into supporting marriage equality?

yes ma'am!

he won't be teaching anyone else how to dougie

because he got kilt in a drive by shooting. it is thought to have been a random killing. story.

melissa is the one with her finger on the pulse of pop culture today. thx for the tip.

RIP ming ming

world's oldest panda. dead.

she was 34 bears old!

11 biscuits!!

run, don't walk.

yo look how good britney looks

werk it out.
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