24 August 2010

nErD aLeRt!!!

Small Scale, Big Change: New Architectures of Social Engagement, a new exhibit slated to open at MOMA on october 3rd, will present "eleven architectural projects on five continents that respond to localized needs in underserved communities."

one such project is the auburn university / rural studio 20,000 dollar house, which endeavors to develop a prototypical house costing less than the 20,000 dollars provided through the rural housing direct 502 loan.

i think MOMA charges about 20,000 doll hairs to get in these days. amiright? waaa waaaaa.


good news!

well, i finally got around to listening to the new katy perry song, and guess what. i like it.

a lot! i didn't think she could ever win me back after that musical abortion, california gurlz. but she's back on my good side. for now.

let me entertain you

what a .gif!


la bonita senorita de mexico won miss universe anoche.

check out her banging national costume here. thats my favorite part. bitches be crazy.

felicitaciones jimena navarrete.

a new beach house song

Beach House - White Moon (Itunes Session) by subpop

Baltimore dreamers Beach House sound a whole lot different live than they do on record, especially when they're working with their recently expanded live lineup. So even if you don't like paying for the same songs twice, Beach House's new iTunes Sessions EP might be worth checking out. For the EP, the band-- in three-piece form-- turned in reworked versions of five old songs, as well as one completely new one: "White Moon", which you can stream above.

11 days.

titan up!

congrats to the tennessee titans for totes pwning the arizona poopbirds (24-10) last night. hey cardinals... let me see YOUR papers!


what did patrick halley do this weekend?


mobile (alabama) news!

THEODORE, Ala. (AP) — At least 100 people were sickened Monday and scores more were forced to hide inside their homes and a school after as much as 800 gallons of ammonia leaked from an Alabama plant that freezes chickens and ships them worldwide. (via)
how tasteless.

is anyone else definitely going to see piranha 3d?

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